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About me

My name is Tascha and i am a 19 year old girl living in Hamburg, Germany. I was born in London and my family moved to New Zealand when i was in high school, so i grew up between those two countries, but i call England home.
Ever since i turned 14 i have been listening to German music and started learning the language, so i say that part of me grew up here in Germany as well. 
When i was 17 and finished high school i packed up my life and moved by myself to Germany as an exchange student, and i have been here ever since.
I've moved around quite a lot in Germany and have lived in Brandenburg, Passau, Stralsund and Cloppenburg but have been in Hamburg since September 2011.
At the moment i work at H&M and a trying to figure out what to do with my life. I've been accepted in University in Liverpool for this September but i haven't decided yet if i should take up the offer and move back to England yet or apply for university in Germany. Things would be so much easier if money wasn´t an issue!
I love taking photographs and looking at photographs, which is why i created a blog to share my photos with other people and to gain inspiration from theirs as well.