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Sunday, March 27, 2011

what is this place that i have found

(shot with fujifilm finepix.)

Sonntagabend schon wieder und Schule am morgen ! Dieses Wochenende war ziemlich leise aber heute bin ich nach Österreich gefahren, nur für ein kurze Zeit um Eis zu essen aber war auf jeden Fall wirklich schön. Der grenze liegt in mitte der Flüß, also auf dem Brücke ist man plötzlich von Deutschland nach Österreich ausgewandert. Ich bin schon mal nach anderen Länder mit Auto gefahren aber heute wars erstenmal die ich es gemrekt habe die Moment als man über den Grenze geht und der Schild seht. Wahnsinn. :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I´ve been watching BBC´s livestream for the last few days about the crisis in Japan and it´s so awful what is happening there. So many people hurt and killed and entire cities destroyed. It´s unimaginable and my heart goes out to everyone affected over there.

On Thursday i´m leaving Brandenburg and going to Bayern for the next two weeks and tomorrow is my last day of school here. I have most of my things packed up but i still feel like there´s a lot to do, organise my train ticket, close my bank account and it will be strange to say goodbye to this city. I´ve only lived here two months but i already can´t imagine living somewhere else, so i´ll be a bit sad when i leave :(.

tell the world that i´m coming home

satin headband 2,95€,
black glitter pencil 2,95€,
earrings 2,95€,
nail polish "dazzling nude" 0,95€
all from h&m

socks: American Apparel, 8€.

On Saturday i spent another whole day in Berlin. I didn´t take many photos because i already have a lot from previous times, but this time i made a lot of videos, which i want to put together sometime into a short film. I already have the perfect song, but i need a better editing suite. Does anyone know something like iMovie that i can get for Windows?

I didn´t buy as much from Berlin as i would have liked because i didn´t have much time for shopping, but i really love what the small things i did buy! The nail varnish is soo lovely!

Thursday, March 10, 2011



Monday, March 7, 2011


If it doesn´t look familiar, watch the follwing video.. :)

I love Berlin probably more than any city in the world! I find it so beautiful how it´s such a mix of everything in one city. Ten hours went by so fast and it was just a perfect day! The first place i went was somewhere i planned to go to since four years ago. When i was last in Berlin in 2009 i didn´t manage to go there but i finally did and it was an incredible feeling standing there! Can´t expain!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

spin my world around keep me guessing.

shirt: h&m, shorts: new yorker, jacket: new yorker, bag: rubi australia.

In Germany it´s Karneval time and today was the parade in my city and by the end i was completely covered in confetti. Yesterday i went to Berlin for the day, which was undescribable. I haven´t been there since October 2009 and to finally be back was beautiful and i have a lot of memories left in that city. I didn´t take many photos  despite spending 10 hours there, since i was getting totally lost on the train system. ;D I want to go back  immediately! I think in two weeks i will be.

Friday, March 4, 2011

new camera!

I´m back! I closed my blog down for a while and deleted my old posts to start new. I´ve finally bought myself a new camera, Canon EOS 500d and now i´ll use my blog and take pictures more often. But i don´t know if i should write in English or German, so i think it depends on how i feel each day.