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Sunday, March 6, 2011

spin my world around keep me guessing.

shirt: h&m, shorts: new yorker, jacket: new yorker, bag: rubi australia.

In Germany it´s Karneval time and today was the parade in my city and by the end i was completely covered in confetti. Yesterday i went to Berlin for the day, which was undescribable. I haven´t been there since October 2009 and to finally be back was beautiful and i have a lot of memories left in that city. I didn´t take many photos  despite spending 10 hours there, since i was getting totally lost on the train system. ;D I want to go back  immediately! I think in two weeks i will be.


  1. Wow!I really like your outfit!

  2. I like your outfit, too! :)


  3. i loooove the outfit.
    and i'm so happy that you opened up your blog again!
    hugs <3

  4. Love the outfit and your shoes are the best!! LOVE EM!!