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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


1 ebay / 2,3,4,5 cotton on / 6 school

Since i'm moving to a cold place, i've acquired quite a few jumpers recently  I shouldn't have bought so many, but i really like them all! I love to wear sweatshirts everyday because they're so comfy, and my favourite item of clothing. The last one is my school's (unofficial) leaving jumper and it's one of my favourites because it´s warm and i love the colour! It´s two weeks today, until i leave to germany!


  1. oh, i waaaant 'em!
    i love the first one and the last one.

    thank you so much sweetie, you have no idea how happy you always make me with your comments <3.
    aah, okay, :( that's good! i always thought you lived in germany (a).
    good! i see forward to that! =)

  2. ich mag den vorletzten richtig gerne!:)

    wo bist du denn grade, wenn (noch) nicht in deutschland und wieso?:)

  3. the one with floral pattern looks so vintage and so chic
    i really love it
    wish we had stores with clothes like these ones

  4. ich habe deine deutschen posts gesehn und es sieht irgendwie so aus als wäre das nicht deine muttersprache (wegen der satzstellung teilweise) und ich frag mich jetzt was deine heimat ist und warum du nach deutschland gehst und warum du da bist wo du bist. wäre schön mal einen post darüber zu lesen :)

  5. I like those all!! :)