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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Currently watching Eurovision like everyone else in Europe tonight ! I think none of the song´s have left such a wow-factor, but i like Ireland, Sweden and a few others and Lena for Germany of course. But we´ll see what the result is at the end of the night. Moldova, Greece and France were a few i didn´t really like. ;)

Today we spent some time at the (horse) riding place before the weather started to turn stormy. Now i'm drinking some green tea again because today we ate Döner at lunch and then hot dogs and cake and today i´ve done NO exercise, so i need to do at least something small healthy. But döner is simply uncombatable..

Generally i am actually quite healthy. During the week i spend 3-4 hours exercising each day, riding 12km to school and also on the eliptical, but i make up for those calories by eating two fat chocolate blocks each day -.- milka<3.


  1. Ja, das ist irgendwie gekommen :D ich hab nichts umgestellt oder so :D Liebe Grüße ! ♥

  2. Hey :)
    I'm sorry but I don't think you can find the white blazer or the top in store now :/ both pieces are from last year... but I'm sure you'll find an alternative :)


  3. love that sweater :) i don't speak german, unfortunately! i just read that word in a book once and ever since i've liked it and the meaning. lovely blog :) ♥