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Monday, December 19, 2011


IPHONE♥ Next weekend i am going to Berlin for New Years Eve to spend it with my best friend and i really cannot wait for it! I haven't seen her in two months and i'm looking forward to seeing the town get rowdy and watching the fireworks over the Brandenburg Gate. I really love that city. I also found out today that early in the new year we are going to Bavaria and to Belgium as well, which i'm so excited about! And i have to organise a trip home to London next month as well. All of my English friends here in Hamburg have just gone home for Christmas and so now i am the only one left here for Christmas and it's my first Christmas away from home.. :(



  1. oh gosh i want an iphone too!!

  2. Süßes Oberteil ;)
    Weihnachten wird sicherlich auch in Hamburg wunderschön :) :)