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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Today it snooooooooowed in Hamburg! :):) It snowed yesterday too shortly, but i missed it, so i had to go into the city today to try and catch it and i did! It was only for about half an hour and i had just gotten comfy in Starbucks when it started out the window, so i didn't want to run outside although i wish i had. I've been waiting 9-10 months for this day. It's been raining the whole week, which sucks, but the forecast says it is going to snow a bit more tonight and it's getting colder, so hopefully this is the start of the snow season! 


  1. ahh that looks so pretty! this might sound weird but i like your kitchen aha xxx

  2. Ob der Regen wohl irgendwann in Hamburg wohl aufhören wird?! :D
    Ich muss mir wohl dringend Gummistiefel kaufen :) :D

  3. Ich finde deinen Blog wirklich wunderbar, ich verfolge ihn nun ♥

  4. Oh so jealous of the snow :-O
    I like your blog very much!


  5. SO jelaous! WIsh it would snow where I live (wishful thinking, I know)!!! x