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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

London impressions - january 2012.

Finally finished my photos from London last weekend. Being there in central London really is indescribable and the feeling of getting on the bus at the airport and just knowing i am back home in England, is the best feeling i have ever known. Talking with every shop assistant as if they are old friends and walking the streets like i never left. After a year living in Germany it's so good to be back there, even for just a weekend. I miss my beautiful hometown. 


  1. Ohhhh I so wanna be in London, too!!!
    It's such an awesome city!!!

    xoxo Jen

  2. Lovely pictures :) I feel a trip to London is needed soon, I haven't been since before Christmas! x

  3. Yeah, I definately I miss London! (even tough I'm american, haha)
    & I love your blog, got a new follower :D

  4. jaaa, das war es! :D lovely pictures, great city. i wpild love to travel the once. how come you came to hamburg?

    xx, rebecca