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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oxford Street shopping

So i'm not going to say this weekend didn`t cost me roughly £500... But it was worth every penny. It flew by so quickly at the end but at the same time i spent like i felt two weeks there because i got so much done.  I was staying near Marble Arch so with no excuses, was on Oxford Street every day, which accounted to all of the stuff i ended up buying. At Hamburg Airport i realised i had left my phone charger at home, so i had to rush to HMV on Thursday evening and splash out twenty quid on a new one.. not cool.

It was so good to be home for the weekend and see friends, speak English and eat good British food. I love London so much and am already spending the whole day planning out moving back this summer.

The weather in London was amazing for January- so sunny and warm, and i came back to snow and minus temperatures her in Germany, which just made coming back even worse.. oh i love you England.

And happy birthday today to my mum :)


  1. Glad you had a good weekend :) x

  2. Tolle Sachen. Vor allem die T-Shirts ! :D

  3. Oxford street is only an hour away from where I live but I really don't visit it enough, its the nicest and most British place to shop. I hope you tried the Urban Outfitters!!


  4. wundervoller blog♥


  5. hi, you have a really nice and cool blog! where did you buy your starbucks and ramones t-shirts? im goin to london soon and i would like to buy something similar:) a reader from finland

    1. the ramones shirt is from h&m and the starbucks shirt was from a tourist shop in leicester square i think or maybe on oxford street. you can find them everywhere if you look in those shops :)