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Monday, July 11, 2011


5 SLEEPS!!!! Until i´m going to London, England!
Started and basically finished packing today. Actually quite an achievement seeing that i manage to fit all of my posessions into a suitcase and two bags, because i´ve bought A LOT in the last six months.

I can still remember like yesterday when i was packing for Germany and worrying about getting everything in my suitcase, anticipating the snow and a new school and town and all of this unknown. And suddenly six months has gone by and i´m packing everything up again to move to a new city all over again. But this time there´s no stress as i´ve already been to my new house and am sending all my stuff over there with DHL beforehand, so when i come back from England i just have to worry about what i buy over there.It´s going to be hard speaking English again to everyone. I guess i´ll still be thinking to myself in German, or using German sentence order "i want that i go.." and i´m going to find it strange when the train messages are coming over the speaker in English etc. Wow, i´ve turned into such a German. :D

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  1. Schöner Blog und ich bin so neidisch. Ich möchte auch wieder nach London!!
    Annie von