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Saturday, July 16, 2011


It´s almost 1am and i´m sat here with wet hair, charging up camera batteries etc and with the last things that i´m taking on the plane tomorrow, sitting on my bed. I´ve already packed up everything else and sent it all off to Niedersachsen today and now it´s my last night here before i´m leaving tomorrow at 5:45 to drive to Hamburg-Lübeck and fly to England.

It´s a strange feeling because it´s the end of what i´ve known as everydaylife here for over three months, since i was still wearing my winter coat and had no idea about this city and knew no one or how i was gonna handle the next block, but right now i feel like i´ve managed it all. :)

I could write so much more reflecting the last six months, as i´ve changed and grown up so much from moving over here and having a whole different life than i was used to. But now this life is normal for me, and i wouldn´t ever want to go back, because i´ve learned and experienced so much over here. Now tomorrow i´m going back to London, which is the first time where i´m going to be an adult and organising the whole month by myself.

Friday, July 15, 2011


These are just the loveliest earrings !  I bought them a while ago for a few Euros on ebay, but haven´t decided yet when to wear them. I have the same studs in all year long really, but these have a very kind of glamorous and pretty look to them, so lovely. I´ll surely find an excuse while i´m over in the UK to wear them.

I love crown´s and for a while i´ve been planning my next tattoo to be the british crown, just small somewhere as a link to who i am, where i come from etc and not to forget it. It´s something very important to me, and i should have done it for my eighteenth birthday, but i can´t decide where to put it, and i´d rather think it over a lot rather than rushing it.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011


THREE SLEEPS. Still doing the last bits of my packing but it´s been raining since the afternoon and so my last washing´s out there on the line getting blown around. I´ve painted my nails with the union jack to get me in the mood. I do it a lot so i´m slowly getting better at the lines, but i have very shaky hands and using my left is especially hard.

Yesterday Hailey and I went to the beach on Rügen, but we forget to get off the train and so we spent four hours getting there for about an hour and a half of tanning. And then on the way back we met this hilarious scottish guy and were talking to him the whole way back. I love meeting other English-speakers in Germany :)


Monday, July 11, 2011


5 SLEEPS!!!! Until i´m going to London, England!
Started and basically finished packing today. Actually quite an achievement seeing that i manage to fit all of my posessions into a suitcase and two bags, because i´ve bought A LOT in the last six months.

I can still remember like yesterday when i was packing for Germany and worrying about getting everything in my suitcase, anticipating the snow and a new school and town and all of this unknown. And suddenly six months has gone by and i´m packing everything up again to move to a new city all over again. But this time there´s no stress as i´ve already been to my new house and am sending all my stuff over there with DHL beforehand, so when i come back from England i just have to worry about what i buy over there.It´s going to be hard speaking English again to everyone. I guess i´ll still be thinking to myself in German, or using German sentence order "i want that i go.." and i´m going to find it strange when the train messages are coming over the speaker in English etc. Wow, i´ve turned into such a German. :D

Saturday, July 9, 2011


zigzag crop shirt, navy high waist skirt and golden bracelet all from H&M.

I went to Rostock yesterday and the weather was beautiful the second half of the day. I´m trying not to buy anything since i´m going to England a week from today and i know i´ll want to buy a lot there, but i ended up getting two things from Claire´s, even though the £ prices were cheaper than €. I was scared of not finding them again in England.
I´m so exhausted after all the travelling and early mornings this week, i can´t wait to just relax tomorrow.

1. Silver nail varnish i´ve wanted since Amy Valentine posted about it. 2,95€.
2. Silver swallow bracelet, since i adore the symbol of freedom they portray. 6,95€.

(excuse the flash and quick pictures, it´s 9pm.)