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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Berlin December 2011.

I'm back from BERLIN, my favourite city, where i spent new years. It felt so good to be back there for five days and there is always so much to see.

On Friday night we were in Felix, right round the corner from the Brandenburg Gate, which we found out is "statistically the best club in Germany", and it was amazing! My friend knew the bouncer, so we got free entry, rather than paying 20€ and we felt like right VIP's :D.

Saturday, it was New Years Eve and we were at the Brandenburg Gate with a crowd of one million people packed onto Unter den Linden. Then a bit of drama afterwards because i realised my bag was gone- my iphone, passport, keys, wallet- everything, and so i was about to faint! Until the guys we were with helped calm me down and phone my phone and luckily i got it all back, although we had to drive around the whole city on the craziest night of the year to pick it up. I was really so lucky there.

Then Sunday night, we were just watching TV and drinking Toblerone cappuccinos and laughing loads reading this book I hope they serve beer in hell and doing New Zealand accents.

Monday did some East-Side photoshooting before i had to get the train back home to Hamburg.

It was an amazing week and end to the year with my best friend in my favourite city, and i'm feeling good about 2012! x


  1. Ooh, you went to the taboggan run! When I was there my class were contemplating it! x

  2. love your pics, always so beautiful! <3