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Saturday, January 21, 2012


London on Thursday- i really can't wait! I'm already planning everything out, since i'm only gonna be there four days and not gonna check luggage, so i reallly need to eat all the Mini Rolls and Nandos i can in that time period.

Last night we were on Reeperbahn, went to this Karaoke but then i was feeling pretty tired and it was really early, like 12, so there wasn't much going on. So i went to the station to go home, but then bumped into another friend and so i went with him and met up with some others in Hans-Albers Platz and had a good night. We were at this courtyard kind of thing between all the british and irish bars, where most of the people there were native English speakers haha. Then went home at 6am and slept until 3pm. :D


  1. Have fun with your mini rolls and Nandos! :) x

  2. I never been to Nandos and I live in London, have lots of fun. xx